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AVA Pro-e Electric F5J 3.2m
(AU) $1,400.00 (inc GST)

The AVA Pro-e wing planform has been optimised to be more elliptical, and the construction of the tip panels improved to utilise a carbon D-box to be stiffer and stronger. The better adherence to the airfoil profile also gives a useful drag reduction.

- The single central spoiler has been replaced by two smaller spoilers, these don't interfere with the flow over the tailplane, reducing the pitch change and making accurate landings child's play.

- The AVA Pro's tailplane has an improved planform and carbon D-box construction, increasing strength and reducing trim drag.

- The new fin has also been changed to use a molded fixed portion, with a lower drag tailboom attachment that incorporates a very clever quick release mechanism, to make the AVA Pro-e more transportable.

- The tailboom has been strengthened and stiffened.

- The long pod allows large propellers to be fitted, and the rigid structure allows kilowatt class powertrains to be installed giving ultra fast climbs. The low wing loading ensures a very low min sink, and the ability to climb away in the weakest of thermals.

On the construction side, Vladimir has taken the build to a new level of completeness, so the AVA Pro can be assembled in only a few hours. New work done by Vladimir to speed AVA Pro final assembly:

- The wing spoiler horns have been fitted, and the spoiler servo wires threaded into place.

- All pushrods and horns have been fabricated, wires bent, etc.

- Fitting the servos in the fin has been simplified.

The only work required to compete the model is to glue the boom to the pod, attach the V mount and fin quick release clip, and install the powertrain & RC gear.

The AVA Pro-e is a stable thermal duration eSoaring model suitable for near beginners and competition fliers alike, and the simple rudder, elevator, spoiler controls make it supremely easy to fly. Its light weight, prodigious strength, and state of the art design result in unequalled performance
AVA Pro-e Specification
Wing span 3.175m 125 in
Wing area 67.9dm2 1052 sq in
Length 1.7m 67 in
Typical flying weight 1454g 51.5 oz
Wing loading 21.4g/dm2 7.0 oz/sq ft
EDA 13.4 degrees
Aspect ratio 14.8
Wing airfoil AG24/25/26
Tail airfoil HT14-HT15
Fin airfoil HT13-HT12
Spinner diameter 38mm
Centre of Gravity 100-108mm from wing leading edge
Controls Elevator, rudder, spoilers x 2

(AU) $1,400.00 (inc GST)             $ Login

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