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Daves Toys | Hyperion Australia | Jeti | Airstrike
Daves Toys | Hyperion Australia | Jeti | Airstrike

item of the week

E-Flite Radian XL 2.6m RC Glider, BNF Basic
Now in stock

Note any Hyperion G3 LIPO Packs that are not in stock will be upgraded to the new G5
MKS Australia

New shipment from Nan Models
End of November
Vladimir Models and more
2M Electric Omega 1 instock
2.4m Orian Electric 4 instock
4.0m Xplorer V2 X Tail in stock
4.0m Xplorer V2.5 X Tail in stock
3.8m Xplorer V3 X Tail Avalible for pre order
3.8m Xplorer E V3 X Tail Avalible for pre order
4.0m Xplorer V3 X Tail Avalible for pre order
4.0m Xplorer E V3 X Tail Avalible for pre order
4.0m Xplorer V2.5 Electric X Tail sold out
3.8m Xplorer V3 Electric X Tail sold Out
Maxa 4M E super Litesold Out
Capa 3.5m Electric stock low
Capa 2.5m Electric stock Low
Satori Lite full ST carbon in stock
Satori E Lite full ST carbon in stock
Dave's Toys has now been appointed as the Australian Distributor for
Precision Aerobatics

Some Kits are now in stock
New kit shipment with the XR61

Avalible Now
So place your order so you dont miss out 

New shipments just landed
Hacker Models

Vagabond 1500 ARF foil covered
LUNAK ARF YELLOW foil covered
Hyperion G6 HV Lipos Have landed

Hyperion G6 HV Lipo offer more capacity per weight compared to standard LiPo packs. The G6 3650mAh HV is about the same size and weight as a standard-voltage 3300mAh pack of same C-rate, but delivers about 10% more flight time

Product Description

Comparing equal Size, Weight and C-Rate performance, the G6 HV 3.8V 3650mAh packs replace Standard 3.7V Lipo Packs of about 3300mAh capacity.
BR>With Hyperion G6 HvLi, you have two good options. When charged at standard lipo terminal voltage of 4.20V/cell, they deliver the same capacity as standard lipo packs of the same weight and size. Or when charged to 4.35V/cell maximum, the G6 HV packs deliver about 10% longer flight times.

Firmware updates which include a new HV Lipo Charge Mode for these Hyperion chargers are available at hyperion-world.com: EOS0720I-AD, EOS0730I, EOS0720iSDUO3

New stock of Winch line
just landed

E-Flite Ultra Micro Radian

Bulk rolls 1.2 1250m
Also 410m rolls in all sizes
Many models in stock
Jaro Muller
Nan Models
Vladimir models
Daves Toys for Big Boys PTY LTD
is now a Jeti agent for Australia

There are many new products that will be avalible very soon

We Now have the C Tick for Jeti TX and RX
If you are interested in any Jeti products please Email me


Taking orders for the
New Supra

Expert SC

If there is a product you need in most cases we can supply so if you can't find it on my site please Email me and I will try to arrange it for you
You can see Hyperion models flying at most clubs Around Australia
We are also one of Australia's largest stockist's of Thermal models and have a very large range of Electric powered gliders along with Electric power planes Please note the freight will be worked out on each shipment as it is charger on a cubic kilo
We were very proud to have had the opportunity to help send Australia's first junior F3J pilot to the 2008 F3J world champs with the donation of a new Shadow 3.7m glider

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