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  • Your price: $359.95
    Precision Aerobatics is proud to present the second release in the NEXT Generation PA planes. It started with the Bandit, and now comes the Katana MX. The NEXT Generation PA planes allow you to do a lot more than you would expect. Back in the days, you had to choose: do you want an aggressive-flying plane (but be careful to fly it low and slow!) or a slow 3D flyer? Or perhaps you are after a precision flyer? Now, in this NEXT Generation – you can get it all in the one plane! The Katana MX is THE airplane of your dreams! IT WILL DO IT ALL - From precision to high energy to graceful slow and low 3d.. Find it hard to believe? You just gotta fly it Being a NEXT Generation PA plane means the KMX sustains more energy when flown and by so keeping higher flight speeds which is vital when performing consecutive aerobatics or freestyle maneuvers and allowing sharp and quick turns, resulting in most impressive and breathtaking transitions. Yet, it can, JUST AS WELL, be flown like a big foamy when slow 3D and high AOA maneuvers are executed. Being built using finest grade material, all cut by state-of-the-art laser and CNC machines and utilizing the very latest FiberFusion® building techniques(*), the KMX is incredibly lightweight and rigid. Due to the huge control surfaces, featherlike lightweight and the incredibly low wing loading, the KMX is a floater and will respond immediately to your stick inputs. It has so much power that it’s easy to get out of trouble - which is crucial when flying slow 3D. This is the reason we specifically designed this model with a very high thrust to weight ratio. You can easily execute hands off Harriers and elevators with just a few clicks of throttle thus making harrier landings super easy even in slight wind. The ability to execute harrier landings makes it ideal for flying in flying fields with exceptionally small landing strips (that would normally be out of the question for another contemporary model of this size). Regardless of your piloting level, this plane will bring a smile to your face. If you are a beginner to intermediate looking for sport flying, or perhaps starting on 3D you’ll be amazed at how forgiving this plane is when it comes to flying beyond the stall! While others would have stalled and eaten dirt you will still be happily flying.
  • Your price: $199.95
    Although the Addiction is a mid-sized aircraft (close to the physical dimensions of the Katana MD) it is designed to be powered by an economical lightweight 20 size iPAs-drive setup. This set up makes the Addiction extremely responsive providing absolute control, so you can get out of the most difficult situations with ease. You will be naturally flying much lower and more aggressively than ever before. The Addiction translucent covering reveals our unique FiberFusion® construction which contributes greatly to the strength of the airframe without sacrificing on weight. Like any other Precision Aerobatics model, the Addiction is built using finest grade material, all cut by state-of-the-art laser and CNC machines. The two wing halves are removable making it easily transportable for a model of this size. The wings are joined together with a CF wing tube and CF sleeve that makes the Addiction a compact and durable aircraft.
  • Your price: $389.95
    Addiction XL (ADXL) ARF Specifications Wing span - 59" /1500mm Length - 62.40" /1585mm Flying weight (AUW including batteries & spinner): approx 2080g / 73.4oz /4.58 lbs !!!! Wing area - 1055 sq. in !!! Wing loading: 10.02oz/sq.ft Drive System Required for completing the kit: PA Thrust 50 outrunner motor PA Quantum 70A Pro ESC Two PA V3 LiPo pack 11.1V 2200mAh (or a 6S 2,200mAh) Four Hitec HS-5245MG Mini digital servos VOX 15x8 / 16x6 prop wooden propeller 2.17" Carbon Fiber Spinner
  • Your price: $297.00
    Description: The MULTIPLEX FunCub XL boasts incredible short take-off and landing (STOL) capability.
  • Your price: $599.00
    Description: MULTIPLEX FunCub XL. A large multi-function high-wing aerobatic tug doubling as a fun machine.
  • Your price: $360.00
    MPX264251 Multiplex DogFighter RC Plane, ARF Overview With its brushless motor and bold trim scheme, the DogFighter RC plane from Multiplex is a fighter in every sense of the word. Features Great top speed Neutral flying characteristics Sharp responses for precise aerobatics Comes factory-painted with decals Easy transport with detachable wing Easy battery swap through the canopy
  • Your price: $160.00
    E-Flite Ultra Micro Radian RC Glider, BNF The first ultra-micro RC glider to be equipped with AS3X technology, the E-Flite Radian is amazing to fly.
  • Your price: $279.99
    E-Flite Radian BNF Basic Glider Overview E-flite’s Radian BNF Basic is the latest of Horizon’s longest running products offering new levels of flexibility, at a lower price
  • Your price: $339.00
    E-Flite Radian XL 2.6m RC Glider, BNF Basic Overview Are you a thrill seeker? Well, you’re a Radian seeker. E-Flite’s Radian XL 2.6m glider is big, boisterous, and made for sport pilots. Features Jumbo 2.6-metre polyhedral wing, with spoilers Efficient and easy to fly Outstanding pitch control with horizontal stabiliser Put it together and take it apart in minutes Bolt-together wing makes it easy to transport Agile brushless motor Stay stable with AS3X technology Lightweight Z-Foam construction
  • Your price: $0.00
    Model KAPPA is competitive glider for F5J / outruner category. The model is powered by electricity, what is provided by 3-phase motor with a rotating cover. This model is designed for competition thermal flying but is also suitable for leisure time and relaxing. The newly developed profile provides excellent flight characteristics.
  • Your price: $1,300.00
    We are pleased to introduce the latest in F5J & ALES technology! The KAPPA 2,5m, Fully Molded, Competition Electric Sailplane. This plane has an almost unbelievable appearance, it its strikingly BEAUTIFUL with nothing but the highest quality fit and finish. Suburb handling, extremely light weight, and a very high level of completion right out of the box makes this plane a winner on the highest level
  • Your price: $2,040.00
    The Kappa 35 is probably the best pure F5J plane yet. It is amazingly light, it is a superb design and it is built to a very high standard. The Kappa 35's advanced structural design ensures it is strong enough for its intended mission, and its finish, completeness and attention to detail is outstanding. The model really is almost ready to fly, with all the wing control horns and pushrods ready fitted, so the only work required to finish the wings is to fit the servos. The rudder horn is also fitted, and all the tail pushrod and servo mounting hardware is supplied
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