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    EFLU2850 Overview With a trim scheme officially licensed by Lockheed-Martin, the UMX F-16 from E-Flite is an awe-inspiring RC jet. Features Officially-licensed Lockheed Martin design AS3X Technology for stable flight 13,500Kv brushless motor Delta V 180m EDF installed Linear long throw servos Operational horizontal stabilisers Engineered inlet and exhaust ducting
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    EFLU3250 E-Flite UMX P-47 Thunderbolt Brushless Plane BNF Basic Overview A brushless BNF basic warbird, the P-47 is E-Flite’s first micro war bird – and one of the most popular too. Features Lightweight, 95g flying weight 482mm wingspan & 69 sq. in. wing area 180BL motor 434mm length AS3X Brushless power Removable landing gear Scale details including scale wheels BNF basic
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    Similar the the Micro Series gliders this Ventus 2CXT has 2 additional features. Using the Axion AX-4 SR FHSS transmitter you can be assured of a perfect link between you and the model. For ease of use the canopy flips up and you can replace the battery so you don't have to wait between charges (using its dedicated charger).
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    The Slowmo is a three channel lite plane specially designed for novice pilots. Fully assembled and ready to fly, you can use it indoors or outdoors. The Slowmo is made from composite materials and Styrotech, it is lightweight! It is equipped with 2.4 Ghz radio.
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    This will be avalible in Mode 1 Mode 2 and BNF I am taking orders for them will be avalible in 2-3 months As a member of ParkZone’s groundbreaking family of RTF ultra micro aircraft, the Ember® 2 boasts a remarkably compact design and slow-flying capabilities perfect for indoor fun (or outdoors on a calm day). Weighing less than an ounce, seasoned pilots will be able to handle this sleek micro flyer in small spaces with ease and confidence, while those new to micro will be given a unique RC experience. The Ember 2’s exceptional Spektrum™ DSM2™ radio technology, which eliminates interference so multiple planes can fly at the same time, is paired with 3-channel capability to give you precise control. Meanwhile, the plane’s light wing loading allows for the kind of slow flight you’ll have to see to believe.
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    High speed performance in an ultra-micro RC jet, the UMX Habu S from E-Flite is a thriller. Features ?Comes completely built and flight ready ?Equipped with SAFE and AS3X technology ?Lightweight material with a scale paint scheme ?E-Flite Delta-V 180m, 28mm EDF unit ?BL180m 11750KV brushless ducted fan motor ?Four-channel control with Spektrum DSMX technology ?Comes with ultra micro linear long-throw servos ?Great performance with intake and exhaust ducting ?Landing gear is removable ?Nose wheel is steerable ?200mAh 2S 7.4V 25C LiPo battery ?Celectra 2S DC balancing charger
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    Product Code EFLU1180 Manufacturer:Eflite Features AS3X System for smooth handling and precise control, even in moderate winds Overview The E-flite UMX Carbon Cub SS is a feature-rich scale BNF model that offers performance that's an escape from the ordinary. Like the full-size Cub Crafters marvel, it's an immortal classic made more versatile than ever thanks to its high-output brushless power system and fully-functional flaps. Simply a joy to fly, you'll be able to leap from tight spots and cruise the landscape with confidence. Large credit for its gentle manners go to the onboard AS3X System that makes handling super-smooth, even in moderate wings. Unlike anything offered in its class, you'll discover agility that's rock solid—especially when diving in on that postage stamp called a runway. The UMX Carbon Cub SS is ready in just a few minutes. Just charge the included Li-Po battery and bind to your own full-range DSM2/DSMX 4-channel transmitter, such as the Spektrum DX4e. Go for a total bush-flying adventure and swap the stock landing gear for the optional E-flite custom float set (EFLUA1190) or expand your RC horizons with a friend and employ the top-mounted UMX sailplane tow hook.
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    Product Code EFLU1280 Manufacturer:Eflite Features AS3X System for silky-smooth handling and precision Overview The E-flite UMX ASK-21 is a scale RC sailplane of the renowned two-seater designed by Rudolf Kaiser and built by the famous Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co. A first of its kind, the UMX ASK-21 is an elegant fully functional 4-channel aircraft that, at altitude, is capable of loops and rolls, as well as thermal or slope soaring that's popular around the world. Lightweight and sleek, its onboard AS3X™ System is custom tuned to offer the silky-smooth experience of flying a giant-scale sailplane, even in breezy conditions. Like a giant-scale sailplane, the UMX ASK-21 is equipped with remote tow hook release control making it aerotow capable when paired with a powerful RC airplane like the E-flite UMX Carbon Cub SS (EFLU1180). You’ll find that its onboard AS3X System is excellent at stabilizing the various flight conditions an unpowered model can encounter, especially at high speeds during launch on the Hi-start or tow line. The UMX ASK-21 can be ready for its first flight in just a few minutes. Just charge the included Li-Po battery and bind to your own full range DSM2™ or DSMX® 4-channel transmitter, such as the Spektrum DX4e.
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    Parkzone Ultra-Micro T-28 Trojan BNF Product code : PKZU1580 The Ultra Micro Series T-28 has plenty of power for sport aerobatics and the same easy-going flight characteristics that made the original such a hit.
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    EFLU4950 Manufacturer:Eflite Features AS3X® System for outstanding precision and 3D aerobatics Overview The E-flite® UMX™ Sbach® 342 3D BNF Basic is a scale ultra micro RC airplane conveniently sized to fly at a park, large backyard or indoor space. Designed by world-class competition pilot and designer Mike McConville, it delivers incredible performance for precision aerobatics and extreme 3D. Thanks to its AS3X® stabilization system, it is truly amazing how much this UMX Sbach 342 3D performs like an expertly tuned giant-scale airplane. Whether you want to fly smooth scale maneuvers or wild 3D moves, AS3X technology gives you an amplified sense of authority and stability, even in moderately windy conditions.
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    The Sbach 342 is one of the most exciting full-scale aerobatic designs to come out of Germany since the first Extra. The brainchild of aerodynamic visionary, Horst Streicher, it's the first two-seat monoplane capable of truly holding its own in Unlimited-class competition. E-flite has captured the essence of the 342s incredible performance with this remarkably scale ultra micro that flies extreme aerobatics with the same sense of power and precision you would expect of a larger model
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    The Ultra Micro Series Pole Cat is modeled after the modified Cassutt Formula 1 air racers that compete in the world famous Reno Air Race. It’s been specially designed to deliver all the looks and thrills of these Reno speedsters yet remain as forgiving as any sport plane. Whether you’re banking and yanking around the pylons with the throttle wide open, unwinding with some sport aerobatics or simply shooting touch and goes, the Pole Cat is a joy to fly at any speed
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